Posted on Friday, June 19, 2009

It's so strange!!!! Before I did some research, when I thought of flappers I thought of fringe! It turns out that tons of fringe was not always the case in that era. The most consistent style in the flapper era was beanpole shapes, no curves! The dresses were unusually short compared to the years before, the necklines and hiplines also dropped, the dresses were not very feminine. There were many different styles and fringe was used often, but not always, they would commonly use normal fabric but add ruffles or make it so that it would pouf and twirl elegantly when the wearer moved.
Another trademark of flappers was short hair, girls of the previous years chose long luscious locks. Short hair was a way of rebelling the adults.
In my opinion Coco Chanel started the flapper style. Or at least, the clothing. She came up with the idea of beauty without corsets and long, large, stuffy dresses. She found beauty and elegance in simplicity. Now, I love detailed and exciting and grand clothing, but simple things can be gorgeous as well. "simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance."-Coco Chanel

A Maddie who has ALMOST realized that detail is not everything.