Posted on Monday, April 13, 2009

Since there's a recession, people have to be careful about what they buy. It completely sucks, right??? Well, not always. Because you can't buy much, more D.I.Y!!! YAY!!! I have a project which works amazingly well right here, just keep on reading!

D.I.Y Vintage Brooches

1. Find antique buttons, (or new ones, it doesn't matter)

2. Buy brooch backs, (they're very common, a lot of people already own some, and if not you can find them at most art stores or jewelry stores.

3. Attach buttons to brooch backs using wire or string.

4. Tie multiple nots tightly around brooch back.

5. Enjoy!!!
  1. I think all the D.I.Y. things are awesome, and you should do even more of them! They're really fun to make and they look awesome!