Posted on Monday, December 28, 2009

It's been a lovely year for fashion. Lot's of options, you could either go for the edgy look or the eighties pychedelia look or the feminine ruffly look. With the fashion world I must say the edgy look has been most popular, all of the models choose that one and the editors. Balmain showcased a lot of the edgy look. Unfortunately, this look has been mistaken for a simple uniform, embellished ankle boots, body con mini dress, small clutch with details and motorcycle jacket. This ensemble is very flattering if your six feet tall and incredibly skinny. I must say though, I do quite like it at times even for its unoriginality. The eighties look was rarely worn by real people, slightly too out there. But it definitely was worn by some people, usual it comes across in the form of neon or metallic bodysuits, legwarmers, and highwaisted booty shorts. (if you really like this for some unimaginable reason go visit american apparel :D ) The ruffly feminine look might just have to be my favorite, Rodarte for Target is a great example of this sort of thing. Lace, silk, all very danity and delicate.This might have been the least worn look but nevertheless, the spring collections for '10 seem to have lots of fabulous examples. I'm so excited for what summer and fall and spring and winter of 2010 will hold! It's going to be brilliant!

Much love and good wishes for the New Year,

- -Chloé and Maddie

Fur vests

Posted on Monday, December 14, 2009

OK if you see my vest in the photo shoot that is on this page then you will understand what I am talking about in a second... Well Maddie and I use this term called "UGH they copied us!!!" which means we did that first but we could not show any one cause we are not fashion designers yet but we will be... So the story about my fur vest well I got that vest in London about 5 years ago and I loved it and so that's why I put it on are blog but any ways just wanted to tell you that they are very in and that don't be scared to wear what you want to wear and don't let any one stop you!!!!(like evil mean people who r one year older then you maybe!!!!)Yes that is what happens to me every day but I don't care about what they think!! BUT NEVER EVER WEAR YOUR VEST WITH SHORT SLEEVE'S NEVER EVER!!!!!!

Love ya,

Various Styles and Such

Posted on Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hello my lovely readers! (there aren't many of you) I hope you all are well and enjoying fall and winter fashion, I am! Right now I am loving, absolutely loving all the silk and lace and glamour we've been getting. All the black and light rose pinks and cream, it's beautiful. I especially like leather gloves with lovely little buttons, and maybe some lace trim.
If you're like me, and love all the feminine gorgeous-ness then you should look at John Galliano-spring/summer 10, Sonia Rykiel for h&m, Rodarte for Target, Jill Stuart, I'm sure you can figure out some more. It's all just so delicate, it would be nice if you could pair it with furniture, glamorous silk settees and gorgeous fur throws, lace wallpaper, lovely vanity. OOh, it's all so exciting!
Happy Maddie.


Posted on Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hello everyone!!! Today is my birthday!!! yay!!!!

So, for one of my gifts I got a dress form and a sewing machine. This is great, now I can drape things and actually do a decent job of sewing them!!!! (which is fabulous, if you sew then you know that it is definitely not the easiest thing to sew with a crappy machine) Now all I need is some patience! Then I"ll be able to make clothes!

THe only thing is, normal clothes are boring, and knowing me I'll probably end up with something very dramatic that I can't actually wear at school. That's ok though, I"ll post them on here! The process of creating things is sometimes better than the outcome.
anyway!!! i luv you guys!!!!

by 13 year old maddie!

Thigh High Boots!!

Posted on Sunday, November 15, 2009

These boots are ahhmazing for any where!!!!! But not a lot of every day people come walking down Michigan avenue or something. Well i really wish they did cause it is so cool seeing people who are not scared to wear what they want to wear. I hope you guys love these shoes cause Maddie and I do.


Posted on Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chloe and I love love LOVE lady gaga. She's a bit odd, but we like her crazy fashion choices, or at least some of them. We think that she's probably doing to many of those spike dresses, but they're pretty cool so that's ok. Haha, I hope you enjoy our pictures!!!!

-Lady gaga obsessed maddie and chloe!

High Fashion Photo shoot

Posted on Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Tory Burch Story

Posted on Friday, October 2, 2009

Omg I did not tell you guys about my story about Tory Burch. OK so 2 years ago I wrote a business letter to Tory Burch for a school project. I was in 5th grade at the time, I wrote a letter saying how much I loved her designs and how she inspired me to become a fashion designer. I also asked for a autograph because she was my idol. I also wrote " I would love to advertise your shoes by the way I am a size 7 1/2 and I am in love with your orange Reva flats." When I came home from sleep away camp, my Dad said the my school called saying I have a package! I was so excited. ( but I did not want ti get my hopes up for the shoes) I had my dad drive me to my school on the next Monday. I asked for the package and they handed me a big box. OMG! I was so excited! I opened the box and there was a shoe box inside with a letter as well. I grabed the shoe box opened it up and there were the orange flats!!! I was over joyed and perfect fit!!! The latter said "Dear Chloé, Thank you for your letter, you are very sweet! I'm sure you will make a great fashion designer one day. Enclosed are my autographed pictures and a pair of orange flats for you. -Tory" She really is such a nice person and a fabulous designer!

And that is my story

Somthing about the Tory Burch Store

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Hi I wrote this paper in English class i hope you like it.

Let me tell you something about one of my favorite places. If you are standing right outside of the Tory Burch store you see the huge golden emblem and the glass windows it all ready looks amazing. Then when you walk in to the Tory Burch store in LA California or Chicago IL all you see are beautiful shoes and the orange walls. Each shoe is different like different people, they are made out of all sorts of material such as patten, leather, swede and rubber. There are so many to choose from boots, flats, flip flops, heels and slippers.They also have different colors.

Then as you keep walking there is another room filled with clothes. They all crazy patterns and colors. Each collection and pieces are special in there own way some i like and some i don't, some are to old but some are perfect. The next room is the biggest and the best. As you get more and more excited you are speed walking to the next room it is filled with hobo bags,clutches, big bags, small bags, beach bags, school bags and more. The magazines, look books, pages written about Tory, and the pictures of all of her other stores. In that room there is jewelry of all kinds the ones i want most are those leather cuffs the beautiful studs and pieces. That room is the room that you ask to try on the shoes. Maybe those shinny neon pink or those leather vintage looking navy ones or even those cherry red ones. Yup I will try them all size 7 1\2 or 8. Then the man comes back with those pink and orange boxes. I open one at a time the fresh smell of the leather and the great feeling of put on those new shoes the no one has tried on you are the first. Next you walk around in the store (and really deep down you know how painful these shoes are because you all ready own 4 pairs) but they are so pretty! You have your Veruca Salt moment in your head " Daddy I want it now." Of cores you know it would be such a wast for money if you spend more than when next month you can get them on sale. You take them off and wait for a sale (next month) love them more and more band aids and blisters.The thing you want most and the thing you wish you had is the whole orange Tory Burch store.


Posted on Monday, August 31, 2009

Hey it's me Chloe here and i am in La well nawt yet i am in Santa Barbra! Friday i am leaving for LA but on Friday there is a huge sale @ soo many places i am going to have to show u what i get l8r. BUT in La there r some stores that r vintage! and i am going 2 get fabric so maddie and i can make stuff!

luv ya

1920's Fashion, Sketches and Stuff You Can Buy Today!!! (yay!)

Posted on Saturday, August 29, 2009

These are the sort of flapper-esque dresses that you can buy now.

These are all beautiful images of flapper style, in the 1920's.


Posted on Saturday, August 1, 2009

OMG i heart it!!!!! btw my name is coco chanel! it is so kool!!!!!

luv ya


Posted on Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hey! There is this amazing thing called looklet! It's a website which is like paper dolls for adults, it's brilliant! Here's the link!


BTW My screen name is Miu Miu if anyone wants to look my outfits up, and my sister isobel's is izz

-Looklet lover, Maddie

High fashion/ marc jacobs

Posted on Thursday, July 16, 2009

ok i am thinking of getting this beautiful Marc Jacobs bag idk which i like better! Also i just wanted 2 say what my style is! Preppy/ high fashion/ couture/ what eve i like! So thisis what i am wearing today!!!! It is True Religion shorts, a preppy button down shirt and a Rugby pink and blue bracelet.

Summer, Fall, Winter

Posted on Saturday, July 11, 2009

I've decided my summer and fall styles!

Summer is going to be vintage, comfortable, flowy, and ruffly. Like nice oversize shirts, and short ruffly soft dresses that are laid back.

Fall is going to be high fashion, a little preppy, but not incredibly so. Like little plaid cropped coats, sweater dresses, preppy blazers, ruffles, gem colors, lace, very high fashion things.

Sorry about the fashion show movie!

Posted on Monday, July 6, 2009

LOOK guys i am on a trip and i cant post the fashion show! So as soon as i get back i will post it! Well i will come home like next week or this one idk! But cant wait for u guys to see it!

The fashion show

Posted on Monday, June 29, 2009

HI OMG my fashion show went great! I made 7 pieces but 1 had to be cut cause it was to showy but it was so nawt! But the good thing is that i got a good picture of it. Of almost all of them! And we videoed my pieces so hope u enjoy them! But this is NOT all of them. The photo shoot was very fun we went around Chicago! The pic's are at Grant Park.

I MET Christian Siriano

Posted on Thursday, June 25, 2009

OK so u know the winner of Project Runway (coming out in august!) from 2 seasons ago. CHRISTIAN SIRIANO! Well he was having a trunk show and our friend Sarah came with me. But anyways i met him and he was sooo nice!!!!! YUP SO here is a pic!!!!!!!!

LUV YA! Chloe

@ Fashion Camp

Posted on Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Omg well as u know Maddie is at sleep away camp right? Well i am at fashion camp. I am making a 8 or 9 peice collection. The theme is couture and Paris. This is part of our new line. I will post a video of the fashion show which will be on friday.(if i can manage the video) But the collection is going great. I am sooo excited to show u all it. BTW this is the Victorian times (hoop skirts, ect.)


Posted on Friday, June 19, 2009

It's so strange!!!! Before I did some research, when I thought of flappers I thought of fringe! It turns out that tons of fringe was not always the case in that era. The most consistent style in the flapper era was beanpole shapes, no curves! The dresses were unusually short compared to the years before, the necklines and hiplines also dropped, the dresses were not very feminine. There were many different styles and fringe was used often, but not always, they would commonly use normal fabric but add ruffles or make it so that it would pouf and twirl elegantly when the wearer moved.
Another trademark of flappers was short hair, girls of the previous years chose long luscious locks. Short hair was a way of rebelling the adults.
In my opinion Coco Chanel started the flapper style. Or at least, the clothing. She came up with the idea of beauty without corsets and long, large, stuffy dresses. She found beauty and elegance in simplicity. Now, I love detailed and exciting and grand clothing, but simple things can be gorgeous as well. "simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance."-Coco Chanel

A Maddie who has ALMOST realized that detail is not everything.

Antique to Modern

Posted on Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm beginning a project, I'm going to draw my ideas of dresses from different eras and cultures then draw a modern version! I'm beginning with Marie Antoinette

This is my Marie Antoinette dress.

This is my modern Marie Antoinette dress.

Personally, I like the first and if I could wear it and still be considered a sane person then I would!

French Maddie who secretly lives in the Marie Antoinette era!

Marie Antoinette

Posted on Wednesday, June 17, 2009

These are Christian Louboutin's limited edition Marie Antoinette inspired shoes!!!

I love the whole Marie Antoinette era, it's gorgeous! The detail is astonishing! I also really like the way Milena Canonero incorporated modern ideas into the costumes for the movie. The regal design and the common pastel colors are so inspiring, it's like visual chocolate, lol!

French Maddie!